Unmaintained space computers drumming bujutsu sci-fi metal beer ...

Helios64 - Part 1 - Hardware

I just received and assembled my brand new Helios64!

Reviewable drafts with Hugo

Memo on how to render an article for review, without publishing it.

How I built and designed my home-made joystick (prototype part)

Dive into the design and building steps of a custom joystick!

Enjoying Tool live

A really impressive show that I highly recommend, even if you don’t know the band already.

Boardgame review: Outlive & Captain Sonar

We tested Captain Sonar and Outlive, and they rock!

First workshop at the Grehack

I gave my first workshop

Reviewing the Touch Lux 3, by Pocketbook

I just got an ebook reader, and wanted to share my point of view about it.

Quitting mailoo

Why I’m leaving Mailoo

The Force has awoken...

How the Force has long ago awoken in the heart of a small Jedi…

SSLH, ssh&co though Proxies

Using SSH though proxies, hotspots, etc…