Unmaintained space computers drumming bujutsu gaming metal beer ...

Reviewing the Touch Lux 3, by Pocketbook

I just got an ebook reader, and wanted to share my point of view about it.

Quitting mailoo

Why I’m leaving Mailoo

The Force has awoken...

How the Force has long ago awoken in the heart of a small Jedi…

SSLH, ssh&co though Proxies

Using SSH though proxies, hotspots, etc…

Discovering Gogs

Just another Git web frontend

24h in the airport

How I slothed 24h in an airport

A new motherboard for my X60

Putting in place my new Thinkpad X60 motherboard

Strange high ping

Fixing a strangly high ping with a Proxmox 3.4 VM

Using WinZip

Trying to use Winzip

Putting HTTPS in place

At least deploying secure connections