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Last Friday, I was in Grenoble, at the Grehack, to give my very first workshop! Dustri asked me a few weeks ago if I could come with him, since this was about radare2, the very famous reverse engineering framework that I had worked for in RSoC 2014.

This was a very fun experience, with everyone being pretty happy learning the mysteries of r2. I even helped a bit a guy using r2 during the CTF that followed, this was really encouraging.
Of course, you can grad the slides and the material here: link. Feel free to contact me if you have problems trying to (re)do the workshop at home.

During the day, there were also some various talks, more or less interesting. That was also the occasion to talk a bit with cool guys from Tetrane about their awesome tool Reven (almost as awesome as r2! :D).

The organisation was great, but there were some small hiccups that made the Grehack a bit messy. Anyway, the staff was really kind, and I'd still be happy to come back another year.