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Today is the 16th December, and the world (at least the France) sees the release of Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens. In this special occasion, I take the time to write a bit about how much I've been loving the Star Wars universe, and that for a very long time!

It all began when I first saw A New Hope when I was young (I don't remember precisly when). Since then, I grew up playing the Jedi master, making stop-motion Star Wars Lego movies (that I sadly lost), even becoming sometimes a Sith Lord, when not too busy collecting/playing with about fifteen Lego spaceships, and more than thirty characters!

I continued exploring the Star Wars universe reading books, playing video-games, and still now playing a lost, Jedi to become, Kiffar vagabond, in a very cool role-playing game!

And today, I'm very happy that the universe continues to live through a new movie!

Many people have asked me how I felt about Lucasfilm beeing sold to Disney, and I always answered that it was great.
It's great to do so while George Lucas has not yet joined the Force (sadly, it will happen).
It's great to do so because Disney has a lot of money, and it's great that they use it to make more Star Wars stuff.
It's great because they trusted J.J. Abrams to make this new movie, and I think he has done a good job previously with the new Star Trek films.
It's great because we will see the old characters played by the old actors, and I already know that it will be a magic moment!
It's great because while writing these lines, I'm listening to the soundtrack that made John Williams for the first and second trilogy, and I'm really happy that he doing a third one!

More generally, I'm also very happy with how Disney managed to keep the giant extended-universe by creating the Legend, without beeing hold back for the new films. Indeed, keeping the universe consistant would have been almost impossible without using a entire new place, with very few references to the old movies.

That said, I'm still waiting patiently to see the awaken of the Force, although I know that within me, it already awoke a long time ago...