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For my birthday, my parents offered me an ebook reader, the Touch Lux 3, by Pocketbook. I already knew a bit about it, since it's not the first one I see around me, and I was again happy seeing a printed version of the GPL in the box.
Indeed, it is a really nice product, both in quality and in open-mindness. It runs a Linux based OS, can read a lot of file formats with or without DRM, and has a lot of nice applications, from the Web browser to the Chess game.

E-pubs and PDFs are great, but I have in my library tons of comics in various strange formats, such as .CBR (rar), .CBZ (zip), or .CBT (tar), which are archives containing pictures. Sadly, the Pocketbook can not read those formats, but after a small research, I found that an amazing guy did a great job in this page!

Thanks to the open design of the reader, we have really easy access to the system, and thus, we can add applications as we want. That's how the man did manage to implement a new viewing application supporting the .CBx formats, and allowing me to read my comics on the Pocketbook.

It's still a bit small and in black and white, but the books are nicely readable when rotating the screen, and the refresh time is less than 1s to get a complete new page, which I find really quick and makes me really happy with it!