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A long time a go, in a blog not so far away, someone stopped writing, for no real reason. Many happy new years later, that guy tested two wonderful boardgames, and started writing again.


Let's start by the most common of the two: Outlive.

In this survival game, you compete with other players to collect the too few resources available and optimize your shelter, so that you get better bonuses and make more "survival point" to win the game.

One of the fun part regarding other games is that you can directly interact with other by putting "pressure" on their characters so that you steal them resources, which can make a great difference in their, and your ability to realize one or the other action.

All in one, it's quite a challenging game for those who want to calculate the many possibilities at each turn, since there are always multiple ways to win.

Captain Sonar

The second game is in a far less common style. Captain Sonar is here to immerse yourself in a submarine crew member, dividing the players in two teams competing on the same map to destroy the other, a bit like a classical naval battle.

But the really awesome part is that this game is made to be played in real-time, meaning that a team can just navigate faster than the other by simply being more efficient in coordinating itself. Though, speed will not help when it comes to launch a torpedo on the other submarine, and a great part of the work is first to spot the enemy ship without giving too much informations about your own position.

Really fast to learn, but very difficult to master, this game is perfect to play with 6 to 8 players, and is seriously awesome for a week-end with friends, even if some of them are not particularly fond of boardgames.