Unmaintained space


I've been using Mailoo for a few years now, and I was pretty happy with it. But recently, as I changed my password, I was upset, as every time, when I again received the confirmation e-mail saying something like: "Great, you changed your password, your new password is blahblahblah4000!".
That made me sad, but I passed over, as always, still saying to myself that I really should change my e-mail provider.

And what a surprise! The next morning, I began to receive a lot of messages from friends (contacts) saying "yeah? what do you need?" and other strange answers to a message I didn't send. I quickly changed my password again, and no mail have been oddly resend since, but the evil was done...

Today, two days later, I've already made a new address with my friend Piké on our dedicated server, self hosting one more service, and replacing the aliases I had at Gandi.

You can now write me at skia [at] libskia (dot) so, and soon, the old addresses at mailoo.org won't work anymore (I'm still waiting a bit before deleting everything, since I use theses e-mail every day).