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First step in the RSoC

A friend of mine motivated me for doing the Radare Summer of Code a few month ago. I took a look, and found it very interesting, so I applied, asking to do the Struct Templates job. I was accepted, and I began to take some interest to the project. I did a very few commit here and there, trying to understand how the project worked, how it was organized, and also learning how to use the different tools, like GitHub that I had never really known before.

The start was given last week, but having a project to finish for the school, I had no time to take it... Now that the project is done, I'll have more time to spend on r2, and it's what I've done tonight: I looked precisely at some file, trying to understand how the thing was done, and beginning to think what I'll have to do to complete the task.

I really feel happy that the school project was a compiler and not some other shit, because reading a C parser is now far easier than it would have been otherwise! As we could say in Molière's tongue: C'est en forgeant que l'on devient forgeron (Smithing makes the smith, or more likely Practice makes perfect) and as we all know, that's really true for programming!

Concerning that blog, I'll try to post for every step I'll complete, in order to keep something about my first commitment in a free project! And if you want to contribute to r2, you can find a list of idea there and join us on freenode#radare!