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Clearing my mind about my task

After receiving XVilka's mail, asking for our status about the RSoC, I was asked to join the #radare-rsoc channel, a very smaller chan much more adapted to the student of the RSoC. If I say that, it's because despite everybody says "feel free to..." on the main chan, I really felt outnumbered by so many people talking about such advanced things, and honestly, I didn't dare to ask even a small question... Stupid life.... :)

Anyway, after joining the RSoC chan, I explained what I had already done, and I was answered that many things were already done! In fact, the biggest part was mainly done, and for now, the priority was to write tests for the pf command, the one that make use of a kind of template (my task)...

I quickly went to the test directory, forked the radare2-regressions repo on my Github, and began to learn how pf worked, in order to test it in the test suite. Two hours or three later, my commits were merged, and I even discovered my first bug in r2, as pancake said when I wondered about the result of a command...

Next step now is to fix the bugs in pf, then to improve it to support nested types, and then, we'll see...