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spoiler alert: while I may not spoil that much of the stories, I still need to talk a minimum about the background and overall arc of the character of Thrawn. You've been warned.

I had learned about the Grand Admiral Thrawn for the first time more than fifteen years ago, when reading the original trilogy of books Heir to the Empire. I really liked it, and also got the corresponding comics (at least part of them, I completed the collection just recently).

Heir to the Empire book covers
The Heir to the Empire trilogy

The character was already a very interesting vilain, both because of his tactical genius, but also because he wasn't fundamentaly a bad guy, he just did what he thought was right, and respected his enemies if they were competent.

That antagonist role was reused brilliantly when he reappeared in the Rebels TV show, putting him back into the new canon, but at a different period of time. I was delighted!

Then I got very pleased to read the new Thrawn trilogy, setting him now as the main character, and showing him raising among the ranks of the Empire. He was now becoming the hero of the story, although still working for the bad guys, but of course keeping his own motivations. That makes the readers of the story in a position where it's impossible not to have sympathy for that formidable opponent to our usual heros. On top of that, the books bring a new light on the Rebels episodes where he appears, deepening the events even more!

Thrawn trilogy book covers
The Thrawn trilogy

And finally I just finished the Thrawn Ascendancy trilogy, going back to the origins of the character in the Chiss Ascendancy, trying to defend his people as a brilliant rising military from the Expansionary Defense Fleet. This is a whole new environment, set in the middle of "the Chaos", a region far away from the Republic at that time, and full of new surprises, like new political systems, the skywalkers, new species, new technologies, and obviously new threats. Here at last, we have Mitth'raw'nuruodo that will be the real hero he always deserved to be, and not even necessarily working for the bad guys (although everyone is free to make up their own mind about the Chiss!).

Thrawn Ascendancy trilogy book covers
The Thrawn Ascendancy trilogy

In overall, I really loved those two absolutely amazing trilogies that can be read in either order, and I couldn't recommend them enough for any fan of the character.