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My first lightning talk

Here are the slides, and here is the video.

I just gave my first lightning talk at the end of Canonical's Engineering Sprint in Madrid. There was about 700 engineers in the room, so that was somewhat impressive, but that went pretty well.

Anyway, I thought the topic interesting enough to be shared here.

More examples

At the end of the presentation, I mentionned some other parallels, but as they were harder to illustrate, I didn't put them in the presentation, so a text version feel more appropriate.


Martial Arts really is focused on discipline. If you aren't careful and fully focused on the "here and now", you're either going to hurt a partner, or yourself.

In programming, not being disciplined will quickly bring you some SIGSEGV, TypeError, NullPointerException, panic!. or even worse: nothing that you will notice but that would still be exploitable.

Keep it super simple!

Even if some discplines involves learning a bunch of very complicated techniques, it's usually mostly in the purpose of understanding how they work, since they probably wouldn't be applicable in real situations. The most simple techniques are generally those that work the best and have the most applications.

In Software Engineering, keeping stuff as simple as possible is good design practice since it eases the maintainance, the onboarding of new people, the reliability, the modularity, etc...

There are more... for another time

We could probably find more very good examples, but at this point, I'll just get some well deserved sleep in the bus on the way home!