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My 2021 home workstation

A presentation of my home computer setup for both work and personal usage.

Au revoir Lionel

En mémoire d’un maître.

Run a seedbox through a VPN, easily

How to deploy a seedbox with its traffic routed through a VPN.

Helios64 - Part 2 - Software

The software setup of my Helios64.

Helios64 - Part 1 - Hardware

I just received and assembled my brand new Helios64!

Reviewable drafts with Hugo

Memo on how to render an article for review, without publishing it.

How I built and designed my home-made joystick (prototype part)

Dive into the design and building steps of a custom joystick!

Enjoying Tool live

A really impressive show that I highly recommend, even if you don’t know the band already.

Boardgame review: Outlive & Captain Sonar

We tested Captain Sonar and Outlive, and they rock!

First workshop at the Grehack

I gave my first workshop